Tombs of the Kings: Alive and Well

At the edge of the island of Cyprus, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is the final resting place of the Tombs of the Kings; no royal corpses decomposed here, though - these are actually the tombs of Ptolemaic noblemen from the 3rd century BC. Here you'll find neither skeletons nor burial things; the graves were looted long ago of the jewellery and cosmetics buried alongside the bodies.

What you'll see instead are niches tunneled out for the ancient dead, and columns echoing the grandeur of the Roman and Hellenistic periods. Early Christians turned one of the tombs into a chapel, and some of the tombs became workplaces as well; pottery, in particular, was a craft here. The Department of Antiquities, with the Cyprus Archaeological Museum and University of Sydney, are in charge of research about this incredible place.

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Get baked or put on your sun block since there are a lot of open areas, and make sure the kids don’t get lost in the large grounds; you can promise to give them ice cream from a vendor outside if they behave – the rose flavour is a must-try. It pays to be alert as well, since there are a lot of drops in the tombs; there's a large parking lot for your car, but you can take a bus to this historic site too.

The Tombs of the Kings is open daily from 8:30 to 7:30 in June to September, and 8 to 5 in October to May; visit to complete your Cyprus holidays.

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