Tokyo’s nerds take revenge

Tokyo’s Akiba district is best seen with a tour by Patrick Galbraith who sports an orange bodysuit and prickly yellow hairpiece – the outfit is that of Goku, protagonist of the Dragon Ball Anime series, but you knew that already!

Once known as a den of perversion and iniquity, Electric Town as it has become known is now the realm of manga, Japanese animation and pop culture - weirdo geeks dressed up basically.

Saleswomen in miniskirts harangue passersby through megaphones. and there’s a shop called Volks that sells photorealistic dolls for £450 to collectors who then marry them to each other and buy them accessories- only in Japan!

Not to be missed is the Home Café – one of a growing number of 'maid' cafés, where waitresses enact a role-playing game with the customer as 'master'... the mind boggles.

The Akihabara Pop Culture Experience tour runs most Sundays from 1:30-4pm and costs ¥5,800 (£39). To book a tour and find out more check out www.hisexperience.jp.

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