Tips on travelling alone

There is something exciting about heading off and exploring this vast and beautiful world on your own. With no one knowing your history or reasons for travelling, you can create your own path and do the things that pique your curiosity most. But along with these benefits come challenges and things to be aware of as a solo traveller. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your big trip and travelling alone.

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Safety is the number one thing to be the most aware of. Regardless of how long you will be gone, make sure that you keep at least one close friend or family member in the loop in regards to a rough itinerary of the places you will be visiting throughout your journey. Keep in touch regularly so that they know you are still safe and if there are any changes in your plans.

Another important tip for safety is to try and stick to open and public spaces, especially in the evenings and at night. Even though at times it can be more fun and recommended to travel away from the main thoroughfares, you must constantly remind yourself that you are in a foreign area and most likely do not know what parts of town are rough. As usual, use your best judgement and instinct on where you should and should not explore.

Try and avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself. This is especially important as a single traveller. Do not wear clothes or jewellery that make you stand out and which could possibly highlight you as a potential theft victim. Plan your day ahead so that you do not have to pull out a map in the middle of the street signifying to everyone you are lost tourist. Unfortunately many criminals will often be on hand to take advantage of this situation and you are inviting trouble by not being well prepared.

Travelling alone tends to be more expensive and can sometimes be lonely. Thankfully, there are many reliable resources out there to make it a little easier to meet trustworthy people. With a few hospitality exchange websites, such as Couchsurfing and AirBnB, you can find a place to stay that won’t break you financially. Female travellers might want to also check out 5W, Women Welcoming Women World Wide, which is a great place to connect and create new and exciting friendships.

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