Tips for Your Costa del Sol Benalmadena Spain Holiday

Costa del Sol Benalmadena is a municipality on Spain's southern coast. Divided into three regions, Benalmadena offers something for everyone. It's one of the most popular holiday destinations in Costa del Sol, so you'll find plenty to do regardless if you're travelling alone, with mates or with your family.

Getting to Benalmadena

Most travellers take flights to Malaga International Airport and then find transportation to Benalmadena. As of 2011, taxi service from Malaga to Benalmadena costs about €20. Bus service is another popular option, but if you're travelling with lots of luggage, you may find bus transportation difficult because the bus station is away from the airport at the San Miguel Factory.

Car hires are another way to reach Benalmadena. With a car hire, you have transportation at your disposal during your holiday. It's easier to tour the outlying regions if you have a car available for your use. Visit Europcar.com to research prices for car hires.

Finally, trains run between Malaga Airport (malagaairport.eu) and Benalmadena every half hour. This service is not handicap accessible, however. Prices in 2011 cost less than €2 per person.

Benalmadena Beaches

Benalmadena's coastline offers more than a dozen beaches. Malapesquera is the perfect choice if you want to be close to the bars and enjoy beach sports. There are showers for your convenience.

Santa Ana beach has a lifeguard team available, as well as a Red Cross station. It also offers access for the disabled, bathroom facilities and umbrella and hammock rentals.

Benalnatura is the area's only nudist beach. La Morera is away from the touristy areas and is generally quieter and better suited to couples looking to spend time alone.

Benalmadena Puerto Marina

Tourists flock to the marina looking for shopping, fine dining and an active nightlife. The artificial islands within the marina offer a range of activities, such as diving expeditions, yachting, and water sports. In addition, the casino, aquarium, amusement park, golf courses and shopping malls are a quick walk from the marina. Puerto Marina borders the promenade that leads to beaches, pubs and restaurants.

The Old Village

Spend an afternoon sightseeing in Benalmadena Pueblo. The “Old Village” is up on the hill away from the bustling marina and offers amazing panoramic views of the coastline. Hidden up in this historic neighbourhood are romantic restaurants, quaint boutiques and tapas bars.

When planning your holiday, have an itinerary in mind but be prepared to change plans. Once you reach the city, you'll find yourself immersed in the culture and want to try something new. By having a flexible schedule, you'll have a great time in Costa del Sol Benalmadena.


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