Tips for travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby can seem like a daunting experience, especially if it is your first time. How you travel with your baby depends a lot on the age of the child. If the baby is only a few months old, it is recommended that they don’t travel too far as they continually need attention. As they get a few months older, their needs change and how you travel can change completely as well.

    Magnus Manske - Wikimedia

The first tip is to always try and create a home away from home. Make a checklist consisting of a few of their favorite toys and their blanket. Remember to not take too much as you will be carrying this around as you travel. You will also need a travel-friendly changing pad to use in airplanes and public bathrooms, as well as nappies, formula and any medicine they may need.

Flying with a baby has its own hurdles and challenges. Often when taking off or landing, the air pressure in the cabin can irritate the baby. Try and breastfeed at this time or have them drink from a sippy cup to help alleviate the pain. If you can at all, try and sit next to other families as they will be more sympathetic to you and your baby.

Changing time zones can be confusing for the baby and disrupt their all important schedule. Start preparing for this shift before you leave by moving sleep times gradually so once you begin travelling, the adjustment isn’t as dramatic as it could be. If you are driving, you can even try and coordinate driving times with sleep times to make it easier on yourself and the baby.

A few other tips would be to bring low-mess food if they are eating solids and leaving the stroller at home if possible to reduce your luggage. This can be a heavy inconvenience so try and use a front carrier/sling for infants or a baby backpack if they are able to sit up. Happy travels!

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