Tips for cheap holidays to Portugal from Ireland

I have consistently travelled to and from the beautiful shores of Portugal each year for the past ten years and have found a way for you to have cheap holidays to portugal from ireland.

The three hour flight from Dublin to Faro can be as little as €30 return when booked in advance using low cost airline Ryanair. It is best to book the flight a couple of months before your planned departure and to book it for off peak seasons, such as August and September.

When deciding where to travel to it is best to shy away from regular tourist destinations. Albufeira for example would be a hot spot tourist destination in the sunny Algarve of Portugal, Armacao De Pera a small fishing village about twenty minutes by car outside of Albufeira can be easily accessible by main roads. When booking a hotel you can find that booking just outside of the major tourist area's can save you a lot of money.

Also because this little village is not known to foreign tourists you will find that you will not pay as much for food and drinks here as you would else where. You can live like royalty in these little villages for a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else while still enjoying the benefits of major cities for the sake of a twenty minute taxi journey.

So if your looking to avail of cheap holidays to Portugal from Ireland book in advance and stay just outside the major cities. This will allow you to have more money to relax and enjoy yourself spending on the things that really matter.


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