The best Tipi holidays in Scotland

Glamorous camping, or "Glamping" has emereged as the hot alternative to overseas holidays this summer. Scotland's picturesque countryside plays host to some of the best "Glamping" sites in the UK.

Tipis, Yurts and Wigwams offer comfortable sleeping in a fun and funky new way. Tipis are made from cotton tenting canvas and most tipi builders construct theirs with sustainable and managed reserves of wood.

The interior of a tipi is a communal area used for all living and sleeping needs. Inhabitants sleep, eat and rest in the tipi and are encouraged to take off their shoes to keep the interior clean. Holiday makers will find life in a tipi very confortable, warm at night and offering cool shade in the heights of summer sun.

Traditional tipis had a fire located in the middle of living area and a hole in ceiling to remove smoke and allow ventilation. With the British weather a modern change has seen a fabric "rain cap" installed to close up the threat of getting wet when it rains.

Highland Yurts located in Aberdeenshire offer one of the best holiday destinations for Tipi holidays in Scotland. Contact them on: 01339 742295. They have a limited supply of Tipis and Yurts so pre-booking is a must.

http://www.wigwamholidays.com/ offer over 20 sites for stays in Scotland including lakeside and farm based locations.

http://goglamping.net offers 8 unique locations catering to familes and couples alike for Tipi holidays in Scotland. For a 3 night break over a weekend deals starting from £250 for 4 people.

Shop around for the best prices and dont be afraid to try something new.

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