tinos villas with a pool

Tinos Island is among the top ten destinations in Greece. One of the largest of the Cyclades Islands, it is a very religous area and the island gets overcrowded with thousand of Christian devotees who come in August to celebrate Our Lady's Feast day on August 15 - beware if you are travelling around that time. The Tinos island is an important pilgrim spot among the Greeks who visit the island to seek blessings of Virgin Mary at the church of Panagia Evangelistra. The island is made up of a combination of rocky mountains and stretches of sandy beaches making it a perfect tourist destination. The interior of this island is just as beautiful and if you take a trip in you can experience the old style villages and streets. A nice place to holiday or even buy a holiday home, below are some offers for Tinos villas with a pool.

When it comes to renting villas holiday-rentals.co.uk is one of the best on the market and they have a Tinos holiday villa which sleeps five people comfortably. It is located just 3 kilometres from the city of Tinos and faces into the Aegan Sea with beautiful views of the other Cyclades Islands. It also comes with a stunning swimming pool and hot tub. For a one week stay here it will cost you £1000 per week.

A slightly less expensive option is the Tinos holiday farmhouse which is an old style villa that sleeps six people comfortably. It is situated right on the beach and is just a short distance from the Tinos town centre. A nice spot for a relaxing and peaceful break away. It is at a very reasonable price of £487 per week. I hope this helps you find the perfect Tinos villas with a pool.

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