Keeping on Top of Tide Times

There are many factors that influence tide times in the UK. The position of both the moon and the sun can play a big role but there are other variables at play too. Luckily, science is on your side and tide times tables can help you to stay on top of when the tide should be full on your holiday.

Great Tide Tracking Resources

Whether you are just someone that enjoys laying on a beach and soaking up the sun or an avid surfer or fisherman, being aware of the tide times in a UK destination of your choice can be the difference between a good holiday and a frustrating one. We have a couple of tips for keeping tabs on UK tide times.

The BBC have a great little section on their weather website. Simply choose a location anywhere in the UK and you will get a breakdown of tide times for each day as well as the height of each low and high tide in metres. You can view these tide times tables at www.bbc.co.uk/weather/coast_and_sea/tide_tables.

Tide Times has a comprehensive list of tide tables that cover not only the UK but also locations in Ireland. Coastal points are conveniently presented on a google map so it is as simple as zooming in and clicking on your location to get a pop up window with low and high tides for the day. Visit www.tidetimes.org.uk for more tide information.

The National Tidal and Sea Level Facility have a comprehensive roundup of tide times in the UK. They keep tide predictions for 28 days in advance and, like the BBC, also have the estimated tide height in meters along with up-to-the-minute tide times. Visit www.ntslf.org/tides/predictions to view tide times for your destination.

Mobile Tide Times Tracking

For tracking tide times on the go then you can download a free app called UK Tides for Android devices. This app uses your location information to predict tide times in your area. For those of you using an iPhone, there is a free app called Marine Tides Planner which will also keep you up to date on the tide times.

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