Choosing a ticket to Paris, France

Ticket to Paris France

Ferries to FranceBuying a ferry ticket to France with a final destination of Paris could be the ideal option if you are on a tight budget. The most popular route to take is the Dover to Calais route, which will cost you as little as £30 for a return journey through the top ferry operators such as P&O or SeaFrance. This price will include your vehicle, which means you can then make the simple journey from Calais to Paris; a journey that will take no more than half a day if you wish, or longer if you prefer to take the time to enjoy the drive.

Eurostar train to Paris

Alternatively, you could enjoy the luxury of the train by taking a Eurostar train directly to Paris. For this you will need to make your departure from London - specifically St Pancras station - where your train journey will take you through the Eurotunnel and directly to Paris in around two hours and twenty minutes.

A standard return ticket for your Eurostar London to Paris journey will cost around €100, while if you choose to travel in business class, you can expect to pay around three times as much. Booking the ticket couldn't be simpler: simply visit the website Eurostar.com, enter the details of the journey and make your secure online payment.

Paris by plane

Finally, if time is limited you can choose the quickest route - that is travelling to Paris by plane. Furthermore, this option doesn't necessarily need to be more expensive. In fact, in the late summer or winter months you can easily pick up a flight that goes directly to Paris from Heathrow for under a hundred pounds, while in the height of summer you can expect to pay around £30 to £40 extra. In general, the journey from Heathrow to Paris will take just over an hour.

A good place to start if you do plan on buying a plane ticket to Paris France is to visit one of the price comparison websites such as Expedia.co.uk or Cheapflights.com. Here, entering the details of your planned journey will result in a number of flight options - from budget to luxury - simply choose the one that suits you best.

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