Three of the best beaches in Turkey

We all have the picture of a perfect beach in our mind come Summer-time: an unspoilt, deserted beach with a perfect blue sky, scorching sun and azure-coloured sea. The fantasy can become a reality and nowhere more so than in Turkey, where mountains cradle secret coves and lurking behind fantastic restaurants lie lagoons waiting to be waded in. Here are the top three Turkish beaches to visit this season.


Found to the back of the Datsa peninsula, in a line of bays stretching from Hayitbuku and Kizilbuk, Ovabuku remains the most decorative of destinations in the country, sporting a small but perfectly formed stretch of shingle beach surrounded by restaurants. Going further afield in the area, the countryside of the region contains pine, oak and carob trees and natural opulent foliage. A haven of tranquility.


Sandwiched in between two the Turunc and Kumlubuk headland resorts lies this small cove, with its unpolished perfection. Underfoot lie pebbles and wooden lounges are scattered randomly about this striking location. Just over the bay lies Marmaris, which dazzles with chaotic bright lights and a bustling atmosphere: here, one can relax and escape the murmur of mankind. Take time to visit Amos' sizeable piece of ancient history in the form of a amphitheatre, the top of which provides a great view for those panoramic photos.

Butterfly Valley

Not a nature reserve or stretch of preserved natural habitat, Butterfly Valley hosts an unspoilt, pristine beach at the end of its tail as it stretches between two neighbouring cliffs. The beach can be found by taking boats available at Olu Deniz or Fethiye but for the more adventurous holiday-makers, a path leads down to the beach from the road. Within the valley itself, there is no electricity or buildings to stay in but camping is permitted. Time to get back to nature before hitting the surf.

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