Three destinations to tie (and test) the knot

Most couples leave for their honeymoon the night of their wedding, driving out in a gleaming Rolls Royce bearing the weight of a million tin cans tied to its bumper. Some wait until the next day when bleary eyed guests depart and bridesmaids creep out of ushers' bedrooms. With our top three 'getting hitched' holidays, we show that getting married and having your honeymoon at the same time may or may not be the ultimate test of your union.

Leh, India

Based in the northern part of Ladakh, Leh provides an unparalled panorama across the world, from a number of swing bridge passes that rise up 5,600m above sea-level, connecting a series of canyons. A perfect backdrop for a sensational ceremony. Arrive for a two-day trip between mid-July to mid-September only and take in the still, calm landscape and Buddhist shrines and monasteries dotted around. A good place to learn about understanding each other if the high pass may have frayed some nerves.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Whether you bring your partner or hope to find one here, the sexual current of energy that belongs to the Masters of Tango or 'milongueros' can be yours to learn. A great way to practise that first dance. The World Tango Festival, held across Argentina, provides a great opportunity to put your best foot forward in some of the best dance halls and clubs in the land. If you aren't coming alone, be careful who you partner with!

Western Cape, South Africa

For the more heady bride and groom, there is the once in a lifetime chance to exchange vows underwater in a shark cage. Based in Gansbaai, southeast of Cape Town, this location allows animal-lovers to be struck with awe by the endangered great white sharks of Africa - currently on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - at home in their natural, beautiful environment. Nothing like survival to test a new marriage!

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