Thousands take part in the No Pants Subway Ride 2014

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The bizarre venture begun in New York in 2002 and in its 12th edition is still more than able to capture international interest and create a worldwide buzz online.

We are talking about the No Pants Subway Ride, a friendly, maybe silly but positively heartwarming initiative that took place yesterday in over 60 cities in more than 25 countries.

The 'happening' consisted of people from all walk of life all boarding the same metropolitan trains dressed up as usual, except the missing bottom half. So you would have, for instance, a man dressed in a suite complete with tie and classic shoes but with no trousers, probably showing off humorous, colourful boxer shorts. Or a lady with tights and heels but no skirt. Or a teenager with tracksuits but no tracksuit bottom.

It sounds funny and, let's face it, those who took part yesterday were also very brave, considered that half the emisphere is still going through the thick of the winter.

The organizers behind the event and self-declared 'prank collective' group Improv Everywhere, were very happy about this year's event which, they say, marked a big leap from the original seven silly guys who first started the whole thing in NYC twelve years ago.

A sort of no pants international day, the worldwide initiative aims at “transgressing while keeping a straight face”.

PHOTO GALLERY No Pants Subway Ride 2014

Of course, social platform Facebook was a great help in getting so many people involved. But it also true that, with so much trouble in the air and most of the urban population self-afflicted by many first world problems (FWP), it's good just to go a little bit nonsense, make people a smile for free and simply have a laugh.

From the States to Hong Kong, Paris, New Delhi and Beijing, this year the No Pants initiative definitely hit its target. Now take a look at our photo gallery, and decide whether next year you too will be amongst the bold and brave no pants riders.

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