Find the deal of the summer with Thopson holidays

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There are incredible deals available with Thopson holidays at the moment. Check out their website to find the latest offers on a wide range of holidays.

One of the biggest advantages of Thomson holidays is the ease with which you travel. Although this isn't surprising when you consider they fly from over twenty UK airports to 80 destinations around the world.

The sensational Spanish resort of Majorca is one of the most popular summer holidays with Thomson this year. Majorca truly has something for everyone. There's the non-stop party town of Magaluf; where the bars don't close until early morning, the breath-taking scenery of El Pas and the fabulous culture of Majorca's capital, Palma.

Whether you're looking for flights, a hotel or package holidays to Majorca, Thomson has some terrific deals to choose from. Check out the best deals for the next 6 weeks on their website and prepare to be blown away with the value you find there.

Thomson holidays is also a great place to look for city break. They have tremendous deals on some of Europe's premier cities and plenty more further afield. Barcelona, Paris and Dubai are just some of the places where there are fantastic deals to be found on city breaks. Again, you can choose flights, hotels or a package break.

If you want to do something a little different for your holiday this summer, Thopson holidays could have the answer. Check out their amazing cruises in exotic destinations such as the Eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Canary Islands.

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