We want to tell you about the great value on offer with Thomsons holidays!

Jamaica is a an island paradise with more character than it should be able to fit. But it manages to, and in some style. Whether it is in Kingston, the capital, or on any of the island's beaches, Jamaica's island spirit will enrapture and relax. And if it doesn't, a little rum and Bob Marley should do the trick!

Jamaica is a Caribbean island and its sea is predictably lovely. The Caribbean is blue, warm and teeming with life - making Jamaica ideal for sun-bathers and adventurers alike! It is also a stunning honeymoon choice. Jamaica also boasts one of the most perfect climates in the world to escape to. It is both tropical and temperate depending how high and inland you travel.

Thomson Holidays will allow you to enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer without breaking the bank to do so! Thomson can organise package tours that keep down costs while allowing you the freedom to explore when you get there.

How much? Well, that is hard to answer as Thomson offer bespoke, tailored holidays to suit individual needs. Costs will depend on what you want - a family holiday may cost more or less than a couples and whether you wish a three, four, or five-star experience will obviously be important.

That said, a one week holiday in June, as a guide, for two people in a four-star hotel (ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios) will cost a little over £1000 per person. And that is for an 'all inclusive' trip!


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