Find out what's on offer with Thomsons Cruises this year

Everyone should take a cruise holiday at least once in their lives. You can experience a country in an entirely different way, making the most of coastal scenery and stop off in incredible spots. When on board, you will experience fine dining, top class entertainment and facilities and comfortable accommodation to suit your needs.

Thomsons Cruises have five ships in their fleet, each servicing a variety of routes. If you choose a cruise with Thomsons, you can expect the same high standards when it comes to dining, service, entertainment and accommodation, no matter what your destination. Each ship offers different types of cruises, such as adult-only cruises and family cruises.

Whatever your interests, you'll find a cruise to suit you at Thomson Cruises. How about a tour of the western Mediterranean, stopping off in bustling coastal cities, like Palma, Naples, Barcelona, Genoa and Toulon.Other cruise itineraries include the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the Red Sea (including Jordan and Egypt), the Canary Islands and Morocco, and the Caribbean.

At each port stop, you are able to choose from a range of guided activities, or you can explore yourself, soaking up the history, culture and atmosphere. Thomson aims to have between two and eight different excursions available at every port, lasting either half a day or a full day. How about a spot of whale-watching, or perhaps a horse-back trek? If you would prefer to explore the area at your own pace, you will be supplied with a map and historical information.

If you don't want your holiday to end when you reach your last port, Thomsons can arrange accommodation in one of their hotels or apartments with their Cruise and Stay option.

You can be sure of a top quality cruising experience with Thomsons cruises.


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