Thinking of checking out Thomson Villas for your next holiday?

If you are looking for a sun holiday that offers a little more than your usual holiday apartment experience, then did you know you can rent out a holiday villa these days for far less than you would expect? Thomson Holidays have started to offer villa rentals for extremely reasonable prices, so in this blog we are going to check out what you can get from Thomson Villas.

Villa Holidays, once the preserve of the wealthy few, have been made accessible to all thanks to companies like Thomson. The British package holiday specialist has a huge number of villas in resorts all over Europe, starting from as little as £255 per week off-peak. You can even get a villa as part of a package with flights, saving you even more money on your holiday.

Thomson offer a huge variety of villas, with properties that can fit up to a whopping 14 people on their specialist Villa Holiday site at http://www.thomson.co.uk/villas.html. Here you will find all of the destinations they have villas in, and you can even search by whether the property has it's own private pool. Most villa properties on the Thomson site come with their own free week's car hire, so you will be able to explore the resort you are staying in at your leisure.

Thomson will even allow you to book neighbouring villas for family and friends so a large group can go away and stay in comfort. Free child places are the norm on these holidays, so make sure and log on to check out their offers today.

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