Thomson Nile cruise takes you to where it all began

Thomson Nile Cruise

There are few travel destinations that hold as much interest as Egypt. Full of ancient wonders, the country represents the beginning of civilization. The Nile has always played an important part in the mythology of Egypt, and for that reason it is a popular cruise destination. The Nile is the source of many of the most mysterious, most prized treasures of mankind. This is what makes the Nile one of the most sought after cruise destinations in the world.

As with many of Thomson’s cruises, their Nile offering allows you to choose what level you want to cruise at. You can choose anything from the 5T Nile Cruise, which is more geared toward adult cruisers who want to live in luxury, to more cost-effective offerings. Each cruise ship is equipped with a huge swimming pool, as well as a sundeck, dining room, and bar, to name just a few of the amenities.

The Thomson Nile cruise starts in Luxor, Egypt, where its passengers fly to directly from the UK. The city of Luxor was built on the remains of the famous Thebes.

On the 5T cruise, your second day involves a visit to the Valley of the Kings, and on the third day you are treated to a visit to the Temple of Horus, which has long been a major tourist attraction.  The sixth day takes you to the Temple of Karnak, an ancient religious site that features multiple shrines and other artefacts.  These are just a few of the stunning sights that the Thomson Nile cruise will expose you to.

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