Check out how you can book your Thomson flights to Florida now

Sun, sand, surf. Sea World, Universal Studios. Relaxation and fun. Which place on earth are we talking about? Why, Florida of course! But how can you get there? With Thomson Airways, of course! These guys are the largest charter airline in the UK and they operate loads of flights from the UK to sunny Florida. Thomson only fly into one Florida city, Sanford, so bear this in mind when organising your holiday.

By logging onto their website, you can easily search for available flights via the search engine. Just enter your preferred departure point in the UK, select Sanford as your destination and the dates you wish to travel and away you go! It is just a matter of choosing the best Florida flight for you.For example, in the month of May you can fly from London Gatwick airport starting from around £355. Other departure points include Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and Birmingham, each with similar low prices.

How can you pay for your Thomson flights to Florida? Once you have selected the date and flight time that suits you, you can pay for your tickets directly online. Before you get to the final payment stage, however, you will be asked if you want additional extras, such as insurance and baggage. After this step you will proceed to the seat selection page and then onto the payment page. From this point, all you need is your credit card details.

Make sure you enter them correctly to avoid any problems or delays. By booking over the internet, you save yourself £5, not bad! Please remember that once you book your Florida flights, your tickets are not refundable.

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