Thomson flights to Austria - what you need to know

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Austria is a top holiday destination in Central Europe that offers something for everyone. Read on for some news on Thomson flights to Austria.


Austria is a landlocked country in the centre of Europe. It has a very mountainous terrain due to its location in the Alps. Austria is famous for its culture, architecture and stunning scenery. The climate of Austria is mainly an alpine climate with cool and temperate weather in which humid westerly winds are common. Winters are quite cold with temperature dropping to minus ten but summers are relatively warm with average temperatures in the mid twenties. The country's most popular tourist destinations are Vienna, Salz and Linz.

Flights to Austria

Thomson does not fly directly to Austria but do fly to France, Italy and Croatia where you can get a connecting flight. Thomson is currently offering a discount of £15 if you book online. Easyjet fly direct from London to Vienna with flights starting at £30.99 including taxes. Jet 2 provide cheap flights to Salzburg from all major airports in the north of England and Scotland. Ryanair fly five times a week from London Stansted to Linz. Flight duration is just under 2 hours and prices can vary considerably depending on when you fly and how long in advance you book.

When to go

Austria makes a good holiday destination anytime of the year. As mentioned winters can get very cold but the snow and the Alps mean that the skiing and snowboarding is usually excellent. Summer weather is ideal and provides a great opportunity to go hiking and mountaineering.

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