A guide to Thompsons flights

Thompson is one of the most well known and successful holiday operators in the UK, and a big part of what they offer is flights. Read on for a guide to exactly what to expect when flying with Thompson, including the destinations they fly to and examples of prices for Thompsons flights.

Thompsons provide flights from 20 airports across the UK and fly to over 80 destinations worldwide, with some on almost every continent. They also pride themselves on great service and a selection of in flight entertainment to make any journey as enjoyable as possible. Prices obviously vary substantially depending on the destination, but they are quite competitive and offer both late deals and deals on the 'destination of the week,' with late deal offers currently starting from £64 for a return flight to a variety of locations.

You can book online, over the phone or in one of their high street stores, but their online prices are the best with savings of an additional £20 on all return flights when the booking is made online. Their website is also easy to use, with a simple search tool to find flight times and prices and a straight forward booking form. They even have a separate tool to find the best deals to any given destination at any given time, making it quick and easy to find the best possible price. Being a travel company rather than just an airline they also offer a number of other services such as hotels, cruises, excursions, insurance, currency exchange and car hire, so it's perfectly possible to book every aspect of your trip through them.

Thanks to all of this Thompsons have become one of the United Kingdom's premier travel companies, and with that in mind you can be confident of having a pleasant experience on one of Thompsons flights. Whether you're just hopping over the channel to France or heading all the way to Florida their staff will do the utmost to make the journey enjoyable and affordable.

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