Guide to Thompson Villas

Looking for a quality but affordable break away in the sun? Then look no further than Thompson villas at thomson.co.uk/villas. Having the highest number of high street travel shops out of any travel group in Britain, you can be sure you're in safe, experienced hands when booking with Thomson.

Thomson boasts a modest but attractive selection of villa destinations that include such popular tourist areas as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Corfu. Their range of villa packages are ideally suited for family breaks away but could also cater for groups of friends just wanting to get away for a sun holiday. The website is clearly laid out and user friendly. Villa package holidays are Thomsons specialty and so the user is immediately led to this search facility upon entering the site. Here there is a choice of packages of villa and flights included or just villa rental.

If one wants to find out more about a particular villa he/she has a choice of photos and videos to choose from and even reviews from previous tenants. The shrewd holiday buyer will be rewarded though for checking the website regularly as special offers and deals are posted regularly. From Sat 15 Oct 11,seven nights in a villa in Pollensa, Majorca and flights can be booked for as little as £274  per person. Car hire may also be included if accommodation is booked as part of a Thomson package.

So for those of you who want the privacy and seclusion of your own private villa whilst also not being too far from the local amenities of a popular tourist destination, Thompson villas package holidays are for you

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