Thompson Cruise Hollidays - Sail into the sunset!

Thompson holidays have a wide range of fantastic cruises! From fun-filled family cruises to adult-only cruises Thompson cruise hollidays are guaranteed to have something that meets your every need! So if you are planning the holiday of a lifetime then find out more about Thompson Cruise hollidays right here:

They have five fantastic cruise ships in total, all of which are wonderfully appointed and offer fantastic entertainment and dining. Find out here which Thompson cruise ship is right for you!

Thomson Spirit. This is a superb ship boasting 5 lively bars, 2 lounges, a nightclub, 2 swimming pools and whirlpools!

Thomson Destiny. This cruise ship boasts a fantastic sun deck and delicious al fresco dining options. Other superb facilities include 2 restaurants, 5 bars, a casino, 2 swimming pools, a library and a beauty salon.

Thomson Celebration. This is the most luxurious of the Thomson cruise ships. Whilst onboard the Thomson Celebration guests can treat themselves to the amenities of the two-storey health and beauty spa.

Thomson Dream. This is the largest of the fleet offering around 33% more space than other ships of the same class. This ship offers stylish cabins, 4 restaurants, 5 bars, 3 lounges, a nightclub, 2 whirlpools and 2 swimming pools.

Island Escape. This is the most relaxed ship in the fleet and perfect for holidaymakers looking for a laidback atmosphere. This cruise ship offers a range of activities, sports and spa treatments.

Thompson also have a wide range of cruise destinations to choose from including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic, Hawaii, Alasaka, the Nile, Europe, the Canary Islands and many more! So if you are planning the holiday of a lifetime then make sure you choose the Thompson Cruise holiday that’s right for you!

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