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Destinations for Thompson cruises

Thompson cruise ships will take you the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Canary Islands and Morocco, the Caribbean, and Scandinavia and the Baltic.

Destinations include sunny climes, Caribbean island paradises, or to the breathtaking beauty of northern Europe, the Norwegian fjords.

Thompson Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

Thompson cruises provide a wide range of exceptional holiday locations. The Jewels of the Mediterranean cruise (www.thomson.co.uk/cruise/itineraries/jewels-of-the-mediterranean-itinerary.html) offers 7 nights (between 1 September and 13 October 2011), sailing from Palma, Majorca, and taking in Sicily, Naples, Corsica, Toulon and Barcelona.

This fabulous voyage will immerse you in fantastic Mediterranean scenery. You’ll also be spoilt for choice in the various stopping-off points, with generous choices of tapas bars, historic architecture and electric trains. During your visit to Naples, you can browse the exceptional range of stylish boutiques, or climb Mount Vesuvius.

For a September booking, prices for 7 nights start at £976 per person.

Thompson Caribbean cruises

Commencing in Bridgetown, Barbados, your cruise will take you by some of the world’s most exotic landscapes. After sailing to the British Virgin Islands, you’ll head east to St Maarten, the take in St Kitts, Antigua and Dominica. En route you’ll visit charming villages, museums and historic buildings, as well as plunging into reefs to splash around with dolphins, or snorkel through arches and caves.

Thompson cruises special deals

Winter 2011/1012 cruises are available with free all-inclusive upgrades, and you can add 3 or 4 night stays in resort from £70 per person.

Check here for information about last minute Thompson bookings in general.

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