Thomas Cook Package Holidays: Travel without the Hassle!

Let's face it, planning holidays can get stressful, especially when you are planning one for an entire family. So why not let Thomas Cook do all the work for you? Thomas Cook have a long history of providing amazing package deals that cover everything from flights to transfers to accommodation to meals meaning that all you and yours have to do is show up!

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Leveraging expertise

The main reason that travel agencies are still in existence in these times where most people book their holidays online from the comfort of their own homes can be summed up in one word - expertise! Travel agents are skilled in knowing the best times to travel and the magic numbers needed in order to get value for money.

Thomas Cook have a proven track record in this regard and consistently offer their customers package deals for amazing value. You can often find discount codes at thomascook com so be sure to check the front page and use these codes to knock off a substantial percentage from your package cost.

Another page at thomascook com you should make a habit of frequenting is the Last Minute Deals page. There are always amazing value deals available here with departure dates generally falling within the following 3 weeks. This still gives you time to prepare for your holiday

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With stunning destinations available such as The Canaries, Turkey, Greece, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean you will not be wanting in terms of inspiration. Once you have settled on a destination, booking a package can take an all inclusive form which includes a selection of flight dates, choice of room types and what kind of board options you would prefer for meals. You can also opt for good value flight and self-catering accommodation packages if you prefer to explore the cuisine in a more organic way.

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