Exciting Offers with Thomas Cook London Breaks

London is arguably one of the best cities in the world with so many famous landmarks and exciting areas. A weekend trip to London can be packed with many activities. With Thomas Cook London breaks all expenses can be easily managed.

For a weekend trip to London Thomas Cook offers flights from Edinburgh and lodging at the Euston Square Hotel from as little as £166 per person. They also offer car rental but in London this is unnecessary as the transport system should get you to most places of interest within thirty minutes. The Euston Square Hotel is situated on the West End which is ideal if you want to experience the London theatre scene. It is also in walking distance of the London Eye and the attractions surrounding it. The hotel also includes a continental breakfast so some of your food costs are already covered.

Other hotels are more expensive but it may be worthwhile having a look depending on what you want to see and do on your weekend. They may offer you a more luxurious stay as the Euston Square Hotel is only three stars while The Metropolitan overlooking Hyde Park has five stars and costs £234 per person for a weekend trip.

The more you can save on flights and accommodation the more you can spend on various activities though. Certain tours can add up to rather a lot as entrance to Madame Tussaud's, a boat trip along the Thames, a ride on the London Eye, a tour of the Tower of London and West End productions are not cheap.

On a tighter budget there is still a lot you can see though as the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery and other museums such as the Tate Modern usually offer free entrance. There is a lot to be seen in London just by walking around, so Thomas Cook London breaks are ideal.

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