Need a long haul Thomas Cook holiday?

While you may have used Thomas Cook in the past to take a short haul beach holiday or city break in Europe, say in Ibiza or Malta, the firm also offers great long haul holidays, too. Destinations in the sun such as The Gambia or Cape Verde islands are available for good prices, while trips as far away as The United States and Australia can also be booked. Here is a look at this more unusual Thomas Cook holiday offering.

The shimmering azure waters of the Maldives will boost anyone's spirits, and now Thomas Cook can take you to this archipelago idyll. Sip cocktails while lazing on your own atoll, take a stroll under the shade of palm trees on pure white sands, and experience the very best of Maldives hospitality at great hotels and resorts. Stays at Fihalholi Island in South Male deliver all that and more. 7 nights half board departing from Gatwick on the 11th of september can be booked for as little as £903 per person, one of the cheapest Indian Ocean holidays around. This popular three-star resort offers snorkelling through coral reefs, and luxurious water bungalow accommodation.

Just as tropical, and every bit as relaxing, is the Dominican Republic. 7 nights departing September the 12th from Gatwick will cost you from £645 per person. This bags you a stay at the Gran Ventana in Playa Dorada, a peninsula hotel surrounded by golden beaches and lush forest. The hotel is designed in a classic colonial style while still enjoying modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite television and mini-bars.

Along with Thomas Cook holiday deals, websites such as Ice Lolly and Thomson can also offer similar deals. Yet Thomas Cook has been proudly booking holidays for Brits since 1841.

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