Thomas Cook flights to New York

If you fancy visiting the Big Apple to see sights such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, then you first need to look for the cheapest flights to either JFK or Newart Airports. With so many price comparison websites out there it can be difficult to tell who is really offering the best deals. Fortunately, Thomas Cook search across numerous airlines such as Delta and KLM to guarantee you competitive prices. With so many options available Thomas Cook flights to New York represent a sound option.

For those wishing to depart as soon as possible, or those who wish to fly with the extra comfort and familiarity of a British airline, Virgin Atlantic will do return flights for only £522 from Heathrow to Newark. This price buys you an economy class seat for travel during the month of April.

Thomas Cook currently offer great deals when flying with Delta Airlines from London Heathrow to New York JFK. Return flights on this route start from only £388 during the peak summer months - a bargain flight deal.

Lufthansa, meanwhile, can get you from Heathrow to Newark for only £391 during May. The German airline offer unparalleled levels of service and with four flights a day leaving from London they are great for those with flexible schedules.

If you are wishing to fly later in the year, advance tickets can also be purchased through Thomas Cook. KLM will take you to New York for only £504 for a return journey in October, though cheaper deals may be available if you sit tight and wait for last minute deals. For Thomas Cook flights to New York and other destinations, please refer to their website or talk to a dedicated member of staff at one of their high street outlets.

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