Kick back and relax on Thomas Cook cruises this holiday!

The website of Thomas Cook Cruises makes it super-simple for you to select and book your cruise trip. The only tough part will be deciding where to go! They have a neat little online form that can help you search for your cruise holiday...you just need to choose the dates when you want to sail, the length of the trip, your preferred cruise line and your destination. If you are not sure where you want to go yet, just enter the other details and you can check out the different destinations that match your search queries.

So, what destinations can you travel to on a Thomas Cook cruise? Well, the question should really be, what destinations can't you go to! There is the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska and Australia for starters, then there is the Baltic Sea, Mexico, New Zealand? The list goes on! For longer trips that cover more ground (well, sea) you can choose from Europe, Far East, South Pacific and even an entire world cruise!

How much do these cruises cost? Well, it all depends which Thomas Cook Cruise you select. Generally, the longer the cruise trip, the more you pay. But you can also vary the price of your trip according to the type of cabin accommodation you choose. The interior cabins usually cost a bit less, whereas if you go for a balcony or a suite cabin, you pay for the luxury of having more space. Make sure you check the Thomas Cook Cruise website thoroughly as there are often discounts on cruise trips if they are booked before a specific date.

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