thomas cook coach holidays this year

There are now wide varieties on the type of coach holidays you can go on and Thomas Cook or thomascook.com have been exploring different destinations on which to tour by coach for years so here is a few of the best Thomas Cook coach holidays around at the moment.

Try the eastern side of Europe with a trip to the Baltic region. The tour starts in the remarkable city of Berlin and visits Prague, Vienna and Budapest along the way before rolling into Poland to see Warsaw and Krakow. With this trip there is the option to fly home from here but if you have fallen in love with Berlin, like many before you have, there is a free trip back there before you make your way home. This is a 12 day trip and it costs £935 per person.

For all you lovers of Americana this next trip is for you. Travel the wild west of the United States along Route 66 into Las Vegas on this 16 day tour. Visit Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore and the once lawless Deadwood area. If the heat of the desert is making you uncomfortable on this journey for an extra £120 you can have the use of a lounge aswell as leather seats on your coach. The tour ends at the majestic Grand Canyon where you will have the option of a helicopter ride over it (which is not included in the overall cost). This deal runs until September and for flights and accomodation will cost £1100 per person.

Wherever you are travelling to we hope you enjoy your Thomas Cook coach holidays.

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