Planning a Trip to the US with Thomas Cook City Breaks in New York

Thomas Cook City Breaks in New York offer an affordable way to visit the Big Apple. All Thomas Cook City Break packages include airfare and hotels for as little as ₤477 as of 2011 when you book online at ThomasCook.com. Travellers enjoy a choice of hotels near the airport or in the heart of Manhattan.

Hotels Offered in Thomas Cook City Breaks

Thomas Cook arranges holiday deals to many New York hotels. Some are in New Jersey close to Newark Airport and others are in the heart of Manhattan. No matter where you stay, there are buses, subways and trains running to and from the city multiple times per day.

Candlewood Suites Times Square is in the heart of Times Square. Unlike many hotels, this all-suite hotel provides guests with a kitchen in their hotel room. Manhattan restaurants are quite pricey, so being able to eat some meals in your hotel room helps you if you're on a tight budget. Airfare and hotel packages start at ₤820 per person.

Helmsley Park Lane Hotel is next to Central Park. Package rates start at ₤820 per person for hotel accommodations and airfare. This package includes a queen bed with city views and a continental breakfast every morning.

Things to See in Manhattan

Before choosing a hotel, decide where you want to stay within New York. Most travellers aim for Times Square because it is near Broadway and a few subway stops from Central Park and southern Manhattan. Manhattan is easy to navigate because most numbered streets (52nd Street, etc.) run east or west and named streets (Park Avenue, etc.) run north or south.

If you're travelling with children, take time to visit the Times Square Toys R Us (ToysRUsinc.com/about-us/Times-Square) in Manhattan. The huge store features a life-size, two-storey Barbie townhouse, a life-size robotic T-Rex and a large indoor Ferris wheel. Times Square is home to dozens of hotels and very close to Broadway.

Central Park (centralparknyc.org) and the Central Park Zoo are also popular with all ages. Central Park Zoo suits children, while the a carriage ride is the perfect attraction for couples. Central Park is in the northern area of Manhattan and close to hotels like Helmsley Park Lane Hotel.

The former World Trade Center buildings are in the southern end of Manhattan. At the time of this writing, a new tower is under construction. Wall Street is also in the southern section.

A few blocks south of Times Square, the Empire State Building (esbnyc.com) offers incredible views of all of Manhattan. A high-speed elevator brings travellers to the top of the building where you go outside to take pictures or to view the city from behind a safety fence.

With any Thomas Cook package, you enjoy having your transportation arranged without being confined to a tour group. Thomas Cook City Breaks in New York make it easy to reach New York and then tour the city at your leisure.

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