Thinking of going to Tbilisi, Georgia? You might do well to take the bus on arrival.

Thanks to a survey by Travelsupermarket.com, we now know where NOT to hire a car when we go on holiday. Georgia, Zambia and the Seychelles have the world’s most expensive car rentals, concludes the Daily Telegraph, whilst Ireland has the cheapest followed by Spain, Portugal and Malta.

131 different locations were surveyed by the price comparison website, with prices based on a week's hire of a vehicle, using the same pick-up and drop-off points. The cheapest car available at Georgia’s Tbilisi International Airport cost a frightening £663.80 for one week’s hire, nearly £600 more than the cheapest car at Dublin Airport, which cost £76.90. In Zambia, the cheapest car cost £532.40, and in the Seychelles, £509.

‘There is huge variation in car hire prices across the world, although for the vast majority of holidaymakers and travellers car rental prices are very competitive in the key destinations such as Western Europe, the USA, Australia and South Africa,’ said Bob Atkinson of Travelsupermarket.com.

Visitors planning to arrive at Palma airport in Spain can relax. At £81.28 per week, renting an economy car to potter around the island of Mallorca won’t break the bank.

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