Considering a River Nile Cruise?

The River Nile has been at the heart of Egypt's rich history since ancient times. With a wealth of architectural wonders, including the ancient pyramids, and spectacular desert scenery, a Nile cruise is one experience that you'll never forget. On a Nile cruise you can watch the African sun set over the Nile and survey all that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs did.

The most rewarding tour route is the stretch of the Nile between Luxor and Aswan. Highlights of the cruise include the Sphinx at Giza, the High Dam in Aswan, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, the bustling city of Cairo itself, the Luxor Temple, and of course, the pyramids in the Valley of Kings and Queens. The scenery along the tour route varies wildly, from scorched desert vistas to the lush river banks of the Nile itself. You can choose to take this route from south to north, or north to south.

You can witness all of the River Nile's wonders from aboard a luxury cruise liner, which offers all the entertainment and comforts that you could possibly need. You can choose from a variety of accommodation options, from deluxe cabins to luxury suites. Many cruises offer nightly entertainment, including local cultural experiences, such as folklore shows and belly-dancing.

  There are some amazing value River Nile Cruises on offer. We suggest shopping around and checking out price comparison websites. We found a seven night Nile cruise aboard a five-star liner, for only £675 with Voyages Jules Verne. Or there's an eight day Glories of the Nile cruise with Archers Direct Holidays for only £609.

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