Top things to do in Belfast

Belfast is a great city, full of history, friendly people and an atmosphere that you don’t get in many other places. There are places within the city and its surrounds that are stunning. If you are thinking of going away for a weekend, you should consider Belfast. Here we will have a look at things to do in Belfast.

Whether you are planning a crazy weekend for a stag do or hen party, a nice family weekend or a romantic break away, Belfast can accommodate. There are many things to do in Belfast. If you like history and beauty, make sure you visit Belfast castle - its gardens are lovely and the views are great. Close to there is Belfast Zoo which is worth the visit, and as is the nearby Cave Hill. If you aren’t scared of going for a walk you can walk to the top of the hill and get some amazing views over the city.

An hour and a half outside of Belfast is the Giant’s Causeway which is high up on any must-see list, plus along the way you can see some very scenic areas of Northern Ireland.

If you are a fan of museums, check out Belfast’s Ulster Museum - situated just a short walk from the city centre. It has recently reopened after a big facelift and will educate you on the history of the city. It is also right beside the Botanic Gardens which are a popular spot on a sunny day to relax with a picnic.

There is also Belfast barge where you can discover Belfast’s maritime history. There are many Titanic tours on offer and you can see where the Titanic was built and the spot where it slid into the water.

Belfast also boasts some amazing restaurants. If you are planning a big weekend of drinking and clubbing, you won’t be disappointed with Belfast's University Quarter or Cathedral Quarter.

Belfast is a great city to visit and getting there from Britain is very easy. It suits for quiet breaks and messy weekends alike. Make sure that when you're planning your next trip you think about going to Belfast. There are many things to do in Belfast and you're sure to have a great time!

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