These boots were made for walking

6 slabs of turkey, 5 roast potatoes, 4 kilo of brussels sprouts, 3 mince pies, 2 cold ham sandwiches and a tray of Carslberg Special Brew. And that’s all before Boxing Day. After the Queen going on about how tough things are down the palace during the recession, and your mother in law incessantly offering you Quality Streets over Christmas you might just want to get out of the house this January.

The Guardian Guide to Walks might just be your saving grace. guardian.co.uk/guides. From historical, city and coastal walks to family strolls, the routes are all excellently laid out with clear instructions on how not to get lost – unless of course you want to – at least until January the 31st, by which time it should be all back to normal after the winter misery.

Some of the top guides will lead you along the 3 Peaks Challenge, a ramble along Hambledon or a foodie’s strut down the Tamar Valley. Come on, get up off the sofa and into those walking boots...

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