Thermal Love in a Swiss igloo

There's no door to the bedroom, dinner is a communal affair, and the soundtrack is 80s, but a night in an igloo in freezing cold Switzerland can, surprisingly, be hot stuff!

That's if you get enough vin chaud down you to ignore those woollen bobbles that seem standard practice for once-were-white thermal undies! With the recession in full swing, there's not much left that you can afford - thankfully, sex is still free (for most of you at least!).

High up in the Swiss Alps you can find a little love nest made of snow, replete with heart-shaped pillows, (immediate passion killers) a sauna for two - that's better, and a two-man, expedition-grade sleeping bag - bingo! Although getting undressed under the covers can be an expedition in itself - call it foreplay.

One of the rooms comes with a Jacuzzi and the communal eating is usually a shared fondue with all the wine you can drink.

The town itself, Gstaad is quaint enough, upmarket and car-free. It has fairy-lit streets lined with chalets and bars lined with rich couples in furs - who you know don't bother with the igloo carry-on.

Staying in the Iglu Dorf costs from £64 per person including fondue and breakfast. Log on to www.iglu-dorf.com for more details.

You can get to Geneva with Easyjet easyjet.com, then grab the train to Gstaad. See Rail Europe for tickets and more information www.raileurope.co.uk.

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