There's something for everyone on a holiday to the States

A first timer to the US will probably have New York at the top of their list. And it's no wonder - the Big Apple is packed with amazing must-see sights. One trip just won't be enough. Take a stroll around the city centre and feast your eyes on the numerous iconic sights - the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre...truly inspiring architecture on every corner. Escape the madness of Manhattan and head out to the suburbs for a taste of real New York. Try Brooklyn, the new centre of the hipster scene in New York. Or take the ferry across to Coney Island for the old-world charm of the amusements there.

The west coast of the United States has always been a draw for visitors. With the freedom of a rental car, you can make your way down from the vineyards of Napa Valley, to Seaworld in San Diego, with a good dose of city and beach life in between. Top sights on the West Coast include: the laid-back charms of San Francisco; frenetic LA and a tour of Hollywood; hanging out and watching the beautiful Southern Californians on the Orange County Beaches; and entertaining the kids with a trip to the world-famous San Diego zoo.

Visitors to the West Coast might also want to take a detour towards that shining beacon in the middle of the Nevada Desert - Las Vegas. Sin City is truly a sight to behold. Even if you're not interested in gambling (though you might be by the time you leave!), there's plenty to keep you entertained. Check out which big names are playing before you go and book tickets well in advance. From Vegas, it's an easy drive to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. If you really want to splash out, take a helicopter ride over the Canyon, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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