There's more to Spain than chips n cerveza

About mid-way through my stay in the ‘Pueblos Blancos’ of Southern Spain I (Keith Payne, intrepid Excite travel explorer) made the mistake of visiting some friends who were about an hour south in Marbella.

It all started fine with a scenic train ride to Algeciras. Then the bus along the Costa nearly made me throw up. I’ll never go near the Costa again – it’s horrific. Look, Spain is still a ridiculously cheap and beautiful country that is as much a wine lovers and foodies holiday spot as someone who likes to party till 8 am. You just need to know where to go.

For culture vultures, try Salamanca; a renaissance university town with more festivals than you can shake a wristband at. Everything from Jazzfest, Artsfest, Foodfest, Theatrefest and ….you get the ideafest.

For Beach Lovers go Southwest - Cadiz and the beaches running along East from there. Surfing, Sangria and Andalucians that put the S into Siesta

Still not happy? Right so, how’s about 2 Tons of Steak chasing you down a wine-soaked lane? Got your attention? Then the only place for you in July is The San Fermin Festival, Pamplona better known as the Bull Run. Just make sure you bring your Nikes. Ole.

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