There’s more to Scotland

There’s one great reason why activity holidays work well in Scotland; it’s bloody freezing most of the time and the only way to survive up there is to keep moving!

While most activity and adventure holidays attract the type of trainspotter who you’d never normally be seen with, at least in the Highlands, you get a more adventurous spirit.

It’s the likes of McKinlay Kidd’s Family Scottish Highland Adventure that turns a pleasant hilltop bike ride into extreme slalom death racing when the wind is behind you. And backward extreme slalom death racing when the wind is in front of you!

If you want to frighten the kids into a lifetime’s submission and servitude, bring them up here and make them pedal, raft, hike and Harry Potter train-it through the most inhospitable landscape in the UK – the Scottish Highlands.

Blind them with Hebridean light then douse them under the constant cloud and mist of the Isle of Mull.

And it won’t cost too much either, packages from McKinlay Kidd start at , £330 children in August, including B&B accommodation and all activities.

Check out the seescotlanddifferently website for more information

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