There’s injuns in dem thar hills

There’s no guide book or signpost to point you in the direction of Kerouac’s 'rawer, more primitive America where the spirit had not been tamed by the restless machine of modern materialism.'

Now you may find respite in one of San Antonio's Mariachi bars, Austin's honky-tonks, Mississippi's juke-joints, or you may just find an irate husband with a loaded gun and minimalist vocabulary.

But at The Navajo Nation, the largest Indian reservation in the US, a land with its own tribal police, time, flag and language; a nation that extends across the borders of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, you’ll find a rare gem in the USA.

To some it is no more than a rural ghetto, but once there you’ll be transformed; whether at a pow wow where men beat a drum in unison and chant in Dine (the Navajo call themselves and their language Dine), joking with sheep farmers about Brokeback Mountain, or bargaining over horses at Monument Valley, this sense of beauty, of ancient voices gathering, will linger long after you’ve gone home again.

Visit discovernavajo.com for information and to book a stay on site in a 'hogan', an eight-sided traditional home, B&B or camp.

This isn’t tourist trap fakery, there are no cameras, videos or tour-guiding over sacred land. This is the real deal- genuine native Americans in their own environment – big up the Navajo Respeck.

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