There’s a lot going on in Bath this year.

If you’re planning a ‘staycation’ this year, or just a weekend away, you couldn’t chose a better time to go to Bath. 2011 is the Year of the Museum in this stunning city, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The Holburne Museum reopens this week after a three-year refurbishment with a new glass and ceramic cube extension designed by London architect Eric Parry. View a plethora of pieces assembled by Bath collector Sir William Holburne and take a peek at several Gainsboroughs amongst the British paintings on the second floor.

The American Museum (www.americanmuseum.org), housed in a Jeffry Wyattville manor house overlooking a beautiful valley, was founded 50 years ago this year and to celebrate its birthday has opened a new Folk Art Gallery, with a permanent exhibition of folk art from pre-industrial America. Marilyn Monroe fans can see a collection of her dresses in the ‘A Hollywood Icon’ exhibition on until October 30.

What’s more, the Roman baths (www.romanbaths.co.uk), such an important site over 2000 years ago, rediscovered by mistake in 1858, and now a huge tourist draw, have just spent £5.5 million on improvements, which includes actors taking on the roles of Romans. The kids love it!

First Great Western (www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk) runs trains from London Paddington to Bath Spa from £9.50 each way.

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