There are a number of good reasons to go to Hawaii, apart from sun, sea and sand.

Hawaii’s natural beauty and warm tropical climate have long been a tourist draw, with many visitors choosing Maui and rural Kauai rather than Oahu, the most populous Hawaiian island, which is home to its capital Honolulu. But this year Oahu is offering travellers additional name-brand resorts and other tourist attractions, reports the New York Times.

Disney is opening Aulani, a large 359-room resort in a 21-acre compound west of Honolulu airport, in August. The resort will be emphasizing Hawaiian culture by offering hula lessons, lei making and storytelling, with Disney films taking a back seat in the kids club. There will be a number of pools including one with stingrays the children can touch safely.

In contrast, the first in a Marriott boutique hotel chain opened in October which will appeal to the grown-ups. Just a five-minute walk from the ocean, the hotel offers an outdoor movie theatre, a restaurant run by Chef Masaharu Morimoto, four bars, surf-and-bikini boot camp and yoga: the ideal place to chill out.

Finally, a $56 million visitors’ centre and museum at Pearl Harbor opened on the 7th of December, with interactive exhibits about the infamous World War II attack that brought America into the war.

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