There’s something fishy going on in Lisbon in June.

June’s a great time of year to visit Lisbon, Portugal, with fresh early summer weather and the streets alive with ‘feasts’ in honour of St Peter, St John and Lisbon’s Patron Saint, St Anthony.

The capital is a legendary city with centuries of History and the Moorish quarter of Alfama is one of the oldest in Lisboa, with much of its original layout, having largely survived the earthquake of 1755. Visit the old quarters of Castelo and Mouraria, on the western and northern slopes of the hill crowned by St. George's Castle and take in the typical tile covered building facades and narrow Medieval streets.

Fish lovers should head for the revitalized docks of Santo Amaro (pictured), where leisure has replaced industry. There are now a host of atmospheric bars and fish restaurants in converted former warehouses beside the yacht marina under the 25 de Abril bridge. The waiters happily show you the catch of the day for you to choose from, or try an ‘espetada’ (skewer) of mixed fish or split a ‘cataplana’ (copper pan), of mixed fish and seafood with a friend.

However the Saints’ days are celebrated with the more humble but wonderfully tasty sardine, at their best at this time of year. Oil-drum barbecues are set up as the street parties’ hub and the smell of sardinhas assadas fills the city.

Easy Jet (www.easyJet.com) flies to Lisbon from a number of UK airports and the city is also served by British Airways and TAP Air Portugal.

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