Getting to Know TheNetherlands Holidays

Learning about TheNetherlands holidays is critical if you are planning to enjoy a vacation in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the country. These holidays are the times that the country is at its most glorious and festive, but it is also the time when crowds are larger and busier than ever. During these dates, you should book earlier for accommodations and other activities that are highly popular and thus require advance reservation. Of course, if you want to make travel arrangements a hassle-free process, you can always depend on companies like Thomson.co.uk, which can be trusted to arrange for everything from fare to accommodation and your travel itinerary.

Easter Holidays

Easter is one of the most important holidays in The Netherlands. Easter holidays consist of Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (the day after Easter and not the one prior). The dates change every year, but typically occur in March or April.

Having a vacation during holidays in The Netherlands – especially Easter – is best done in the country, as most establishments in the city are likely to be closed. Consider living in a self-catering farmhouse to take advantage of The Netherlands’s famously beautiful landscapes. Visit OwnersDirect.co.uk for a list of the most charming farmhouses that are available for rent.


Because the country has a fairly religious population, it is not surprising that Christmas is also one of the most popular holidays in The Netherlands. Christmas is not just a celebration for exchanging gifts as well as receiving those that come from St.Nicholas, who is known as Santa Claus in other parts of the world.

Besides Christmas, Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year are also considered as two of the most important holidays in The Netherlands.

To complete your list of TheNetherlands holidays, make sure you are also prepared to battle the crowds if the dates of your stay coincide with Queen’s Day (April 30), Liberation Day (May 5), Ascension Day (mid-May to early June), as well as Pentecost or Whit Sunday and Monday (mid-May to early June, but always after Easter).

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