Are you looking for theatre breaks in Scotland?

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Are you looking for theatre breaks in Scotland? Here is all the information you need.

If you are looking for a theatre break in Scotland you should choose to go to either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Both have a wealth of famous theatres and a deep cultural history with the genre. Glasgow offers performing arts by the bundle throughout the city and boasts an array of world class theatres and concert halls. Hosting both resident and touring productions from The Scottish National Opera to The Royal Shakespeare company to world renowned contemporary productions such as Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar. Glasgow purports to offer the United Kingdoms best winter pantomimes and offers a range of entertainment for children. Ranging from enormous Victorian buildings to modern intimate settings Glasgow offers a range of theatre as diverse as they are plentiful. Here are some of Glasgow’s best known theatres: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, The Citizens Theatre, The Pavilion Theatre and The Kings Theatre. Be sure to check out their websites for upcoming events.

If you choose to go to Edinburgh you may wish to avail of an all inclusive deal with the Allison House Hotel who work with The Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh’s most famous theatre house. Allison house offer all inclusive deals on shows being played at the Playhouse Theatre. Prices are extremely reasonable and you will receive either a twin or double room, dinner and two tickets to a show of your choice. For more information or for booking check out allisonhousehotel.com.

So there is everythign you need to know about theatre breaks in Scotland.

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