Where to Spend Theatre Breaks in Manchester

Theatre breaks in Manchester are one fun and innovative way to enjoy your short holidays to one of England’s most famous cities. Manchester is home to Manchester United, one of the premier football clubs in Europe, and, of course, one of the great places to visit too to enjoy a good show or two.

TheatreBreaksOnline.co.uk: ‘Dirty Dancing’ Theatre Break

If you loved the late Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, you will probably find its theatrical version just as charming. Dirty Dancing is scheduled to start playing in Palace Theatre Manchester this Christmas 2011. When you book your trip through this website, you can choose accommodations ranging from 3 to 5-star hotels. You can also add rail tickets to your booking to lower your transportation costs, and try the London Eye as well, which is offered for as low as £14.50.

LondonCityTheatre.co.uk: ‘We Will Rock You’ Theatre Break

If you are looking for something funkier or more rock and roll instead of something sensual and sexy like Dirty Dancing, you will probably prefer this package for your next holidays. When you visit the website of London CityTheatre, you will be asked to indicate first your preferred show date and ticket type. Afterwards, you will need to indicate your travel dates and choose from a list of accommodations available from the site.

When searching about theatre breaks in Manchester online, make sure that you always check the theatre’s location, as websites may sometimes deliberately mislabel packages for marketing purposes.

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