All about theatre breaks in London

Theatre breaks in London

London is arguably the theatre capital of the world, with an amazing variety of plays and musicals to see boasting the finest actors, impeccable stage direction and fabulous special effects. For anyone with even a passing interest in theatre, a visit to a London show will be a treat that they will remember for many years.

While it is quite possible to just show up in London and buy tickets to your favorite show, that is not the most recommended way of doing things. Particularly for people visiting London from far off-places, it would be much wiser to consider a theatre break offer which combines the cost of the show with hotel accommodation and even rail or coach travel. This not only ensures that you get good seats, you can also realize substantial savings on the combined costs of your visit. Fortunately for potential theatre goers, there are many companies that specialize in theatre breaks in London, which means that you have many great offers to choose from.


This website offers you a variety of options with hotel and ticket packages starting from £73. Apart from the great prices, you also get the option of customizing your theatre break by making it a longer stay and adding a visit to the London Eye or Madam Tussaud's to the itinerary.


You have the option of selecting a stay at a three, four or even five-star hotel with this website. Rail travel and a pre-show dinner are included in the package and there are many special offers that you can avail yourself.

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