The worst prisons on earth

Prisons in general tend to be harsh environments to live in. But have you ever wondered where the worst prisons on earth located? Here is a quick look at the top 4 worst prisons on Earth.

    Daniel Ramirez - Wikimedia

Carandiru Prison, located in San Paulo, Brazil initially opened in 1920 and housed over 8,000 inmates. In 1992, mass rioting took place in the prison leaving 111 inmates dead in an incident that became known as the Carandiru Massacre. Because the Brazilian government could not adequately answer accusations put to them by Amnesty International, the prison was closed and demolished in 2002 by Amnesty for violating human rights.

Bang Kwang Prison, also known as the Bangkok Hilton in Thailand holds foreign prisoners who are sentenced to at least 25 years as well as inmates on death row. Upon arrival to the prison, all inmates are required to wear leg irons for the first three months. 10% of the inmates on death row spend their entire prison term wearing these irons. Like many jails, it is overcrowded but unfortunately Bang Kwang also has a reputation for mentally and physically torturing prisoners.

According to Amnesty International, Tadmur Military Prison in Syria is the most oppressive prison in the world. Both political and criminal prisoners are sent here where there are no radios, newspapers or any sign of life from the outside. The most infamous incident this prison is known for took place in 1980 after a failed attempt to assassinate President Hafez Al-Assad by a branch of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Because the prison housed many Muslim Brotherhood supporters and members, the President ordered a mass killing of all inmates which resulted in the murder of somewhere between 500-2,400 prisoners. The prison was shut down in 2001 after the death of the President but then reopened in 2011 by the president's son.

The worst prison in the world is Camp 22-Hoeryong Concentration Camp in North Korea located near the Chinese and Russian borders. This is a maximum security prison that holds 50,000 political prisoners and families. All the prisoners are detained until they die and are sentenced to slave labor in either agriculture, mining or in one of the nearby factories and are made to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Between 1,500-2,000 prisoners die of malnutrition here every year while many other prisoners are diseased and deformed. Reports that human experimentation take place here are also consistently relayed.

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