The World's Wierdest Hotels

While it can be nice to spoil yourself and book into a hotel that has fluffed pillows with a piece of chocolate waiting for you upon arrival, why not try something a little different. Here are a few weird hotels around the world that are unique and well worth checking out. You will be guaranteed to return with a story or two of your experiences.

    Rob Chandler - Wikimedia

The Bubble Tree hotel in France, created by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, aims to get visitors closer to nature. Made up of large inflatable bubbles, each bubble can accommodate up to 2 adults and can be rearranged to accommodate children as well. Visitors can choose between having completely transparent bubbles or a more conservative cocoon version that doesn't allow outsiders to see in but still offers guests a full view of the sky. This unique experience costs around £400 per night, or you can choose to buy your own bubble for £7,500!

For those of you interested in reusing materials, the Das Park Hotel would be right up your alley. You can rest your head on a double bed with a light sleeping bag situated within an old giant concrete drainpipe. In 2004, Andreas Strauss came up with the idea of reusing old drainage pipes. It has now become so popular there are 2 locations you can visit, Ottensheim, Austria, and Essen, Germany. Each individual tube weighs 9.5 tonnes so there shouldn't be any worries about blowing away at night. Upon booking online you will receive an access code that will be used for your digital keypad attached to each pipe. There is a "Pay as you wish" payment policy and you can stay during the months of May and October.

Any Lord of the Rings fan must visit the Hobbit Motel in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. Individual apartments are covered with a grass roof visually offering guests a legitimate hobbit experience. Because they are built with polystyrene blocks, you can be sure that you will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Each space consists of a quaint kitchen, shower, and toilet and each hobbit home can hold up to six people. If you want to change things up after a night to two, you can head to the Train Carriage or Aeroplane motel that are close by. They are on the costly side of things so staying one night for the novelty might be the way to go.

For a completely weird hotel experience, visit the Verbek Foundation Art Park in Kemzeke, Belgium. In this park you will find Hotel CasAnus, which upon arriving at you will quickly notice is a giant sculpture in the shape of small intestines. Designed by Dutch designer Joep Van Lieshout, each room consists of a double bed, window, shower with hot water, toilet and heater. If you want to spend a night sleeping in a colon, you will have to dish out €120 per night per person. On the bright side, this price includes breakfast and entrance into the sculpture park.

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