The Wenzel Walk on a Luxembourg Holiday

Cram a thousand years’ worth of history in a hundred minutes as you stroll along Wenzel Walk on your holidays in Luxembourg!

A number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are to be seen during the excursion. After all, it is here that Luxembourg’s story unfolds, as seen in the audio-visual shows at the Jacob Tower and Bock Promontory. Bock is a rocky outcropping where the Count of Ardennes raised his castle after he acquired the land Luxembourg stands on today. The place was ravaged by fire in 1459, but the Archaeological Crypt, a result of excavations made years after the tragedy, survives to tell the tales of the past.

It might not be a journey to the centre of the earth, but the Casemates, also found inside Bock, are impressive just the same. 40 metres underground lies a maze of passages made formidable by both the French and the Austrians. This gave Luxembourg the title “Gibraltar of the North,” and its military reputation was just as intimidating. The Casements also served as bomb shelters during the World Wars. The Castle Bridge, which was built in 1735 and restored in 1992, was structured in a way that continued the legacy of might.

A trip to the Wenceslas Ring Wall is also part of the agenda. This 15th century structure also served to protect its citizens, the third fortress to be erected from the time of the Count. The Old Town, a truly picturesque sight, is another stop on a holiday in Luxembourg, filled with cafés and restaurants, bustling with artists, and packed with attractions like the Museum for History and Art, and the Museum of the History of the City of Luxembourg.

You’ll also pass by the Church of St. Ulric, the oldest parish church in the country, and the Valley of the Alzette, known as the “good land” because of its fertility.

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